Media Contacts

The following DSPP members have expressed willingness to assist the media by providing commentary and/or information relevant to the areas listed. They may also be willing to appear on various television and radio programs addressing topics within their areas of expertise.

(Notice to all DSPP members: Members are encouraged to participate in DSPP's efforts to gain exposure for the psychoanalytic / psychodynamic perspective throughout our public community. Your suggestions are welcome. Add yourself to the list by contacting DSPP via this web site or by contacting Brandy Miller, Chairman of the Community Relations Committee.)

William K. (Bill) Gordon III, Ph.D., FPPR

Dr. Gordon is a clinical psychologist in private practice (individual psychotherapy of adolescents and adults, psychological diagnosis, and general and forensic consultation) and serves as Director of Psychological Services and Director of the Diagnostic Assessment Center at the Fairhill School & Diagnostic Assessment Center, a private day-school and diagnostic facility for learning disabled students. He can address general mental health issues from the broad psychoanalytic / psychodynamic perspective. He is an expert on Learning Disabilities and AD/HD and their associated problems. He is a Fellow/Diplomate of the International College of Prescribing Psychologists / Prescribing Psychologists Register who can comment about psychotropic medication and the issue of prescription privileges for psychologists. Dr. Gordon has worked diagnostically and therapeutically with a variety of patients ranging from actively psychotic inpatients in psychiatric emergency services and patients with severe Affective (mood) Disorders to those with less debilitating conditions such as learning and attention disorders, the milder Affective (mood) Disorders, and Personality (also know as 'Character') Disorders. He has media experience, having appeared on a number of television programs and provided newspaper and newsletter articles.

(972) 233 1026 (telephone)
(972) 233 8205 (fax) (e-mail)
The Fairhill School & Diagnostic Assessment Center
16150 Preston Road, Dallas, Texas 75248

Jim Harris, Psy.D.

Jim Harris, Psy.D., is a clinical psychologist and past-president of DSPP. Along with a general practice of psychotherapy, he specializes in the treatment of eating disorders and overweight. He serves as a lead therapist for the nationally known eating disorder program at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas. He is authoring a book on the subject of over weight and weight loss in America, applying the principles learned from working with those with too little as well as too much weight. Dr. Harris appears on television and radio shows, as well as in print media, not only on the topics of anorexia, bulimia, and overweight, but also on psychological responses to disaster.

8330 Meadow Road, suite 219
Dallas, Texas 75231
(214) 691-5199